Coffee for $10 a cup, would you buy one? | DailyTelegraph

Would you pay $10 for a cup of coffee?

“I have been buying this coffee for five years, it is a rare variety with jasmine and floral characteristics,’ Mr Hammerschmitt said.

“It is a quality coffee and the cost is reflected in the whole process, people pay $500 for a bottle of wine.

”Smalltown baristas serve pourover, cold drip and batch brew as well as espresso coffees to black coffee devotees. The terms refer to the speciality brewing techniques, Mr Hammerschmitt said.“

Cold drip is a slow method and can take up to 24 hours,” he said.

“Pourover is old school, but it is essentially a paper filter over a cone; while batch brew is similar to a pourover, but on a larger scale.”

Source: The Specialty Coffee Book delivers caffeine hits to NSW | DailyTelegraph