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Strong, Bold & Complex
with chocolate and caramel notes


“Exceedingly good!”
– J. M. Albinson


100% Fair Trade

Our coffees are sourced from small farming communities and Fair Trade certified, so you can be sure that as well as enjoying a superior coffee experience, you are supporting a better life for farming families through fair prices, direct trade, community development and environmental stewardship

100% Roasted With Love

Every bag of Cafe Contibio Espresso is roasted in small batches under the watchful eyes of our expert roasters. Every coffee and blend require special attention and care along every step of the roasting process to bring out the most desirable flavors of each unique coffee. Our roasters stop at nothing to produce the most interesting, complex and delicious coffee available

A Coffee Symphony

This blend celebrates the depth, nuance and richness of what fine espresso can be. Coffee from Brazil lends notes of creamy caramel along with a full, embracing mouth-feel; Central America adds a layer of rich toffee sweetness and hints of cocoa; Ethiopia contributes a subtle fruity brightness that makes every shot sing; and a gourmet Robusta from India gives the blend structure, strength, and gusto.

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Whole Beans for Ultimate Freshness

Your coffee will arrive at your door carefully packaged in heavy-duty, fully sealed bags to guarantee your coffee makes it to you as fresh as possible. We ship all our coffee whole bean, never ground, because as soon as you grind coffee, it starts to go stale rapidly. To fully experience the nuance and rich flavors of Cafe Contibio Espresso, we recommend you keep you coffee whole bean until just before brewing.

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What Our Clients Are Saying About This Coffee

“Dark roast beans are definitely the favourite ones.
The smell when I opened the pack was glorious and the smell when I made the coffee was even better. This is an excellent strong tasty coffee, rich and chocolaty, recommend it for all types of coffee drinks. It does exactly what a good espresso should do and for me that is get me through my hard paced job with focus and alertness. My boyfriend and I love it…”


“Having tried all the brands around high street shops and none of them delivered the deep taste full of character which I dreamed about. Cafe Contibio is the only coffee which with combination with basic espresso maker can deliver lovely taste rich espresso with slightly oily thick consistency and beautiful crema on top. Beans are beautifully fresh, not dry like most of the high street makes. Buy it, you will not regret….”

R. Rehak

“Great tasting coffee, and I’ve tried many! Packaging is very clever too, although the coffee taste is what we’re all interested in, and this is great. It has a stronger taste than the colour in the cup would lead you to believe. That taste is quite chocolate like. I will certainly be reordering this one, and so should you if aroma and taste are important in your coffee.”


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If this is not one of the best dark roast coffee beans you’ve ever tried, we´ll give you a full refund, no questions ask!