Contibio – Our Mission

According to legend, it was an Ethiopian goat farmer who first saw the energetic effects of the coffee bean when his goats seemed to transform into spritely dynamos after munching the fruit of a nearby coffee shrub. Getting wind of this, local monks began to use coffee beans to stay awake during their evening prayers. In the ensuing centuries Arabia became the center of coffee production, until some enterprising Dutch buccaneers managed to smuggle out a few plants in 1616. Now coffee is grown around the world in more than 70 countries and, after oil, is the most commonly traded product on the globe!

“Common” is the watch word here, for what was once just a humble cup of coffee consumed as a pick-me-up with little or no regard for the niceties of taste, has now become an omnipresent phenomenon. In most major cities it is not uncommon to find a storefront purveyor of the beverage on practically every street corner.

However, as coffee has become more ubiquitous, consumers’ tastes have evolved. Diner coffee is no longer acceptable to a growing segment of the coffee-drinking population. Indeed, even the specialty houses have been joined by exclusive boutique coffee artisans in an attempt to exploit the more discriminating and discerning palette of many the coffee drinking connoisseur. But even within this rarefied minority of coffee consumers there is an elite few who wish to enjoy the subtleties of that which can only be deemed the very best of the best.

For the few who require that which is far more distinctive, rare, and complex, there is now CONTIBIO.

Here at CONTIBIO we´re passionately committed to searching out only exclusive 100% Arabica beans sourced from specific farms in the best growing regions of the world. Our coffees are predominately evaluated with scores of 80 points or higher, and therefore all specialty grade. But we don’t stop there as not only do we concern ourselves with epicurean taste but we are equally committed to sustainability.

If you are the kind of person who never settles for anything less than the very best, CONTIBIO is your ideal source for unsurpassed excellence and rarity in coffees. We passionately strive to cater to the coffee connoisseur and to provide that which will always impress and never disappoint- even the most demanding of tastes will be satisfied with our beyond premium, highest quality coffees.

Contibio – Excellence in your cup